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The ONLY Depoprovera discography on the web!

July 2003 - Unsigned Central Promo album for the Burnley Music Festival
09 - Depoprovera - 681

June 2003 - Musikland EP
01 - 681 (4:05)
02 - Matter (2:54)
03 - Memory Will Die (3:06)
04 - Untitled 3 (3:08)
05 - Fish On A Beach (9:12)

December 2001 - Flowering EP
01 - Jammed (3:33)
02 - Treated Badly (4:55)
03 - Exorganic (2:49)
04 - Carcrash (2:42)
05 - Flowering (5:43)

1997 - Dialectic Demo CD
01 - First Amendment
02 - Reflection

NB: Then-guitarist Steve Wood did vocals and allegedly sounded "like a gay dalek". This is very rare and thus (technically) collectable, although I only know of one that exists.


Altitude Sickness - Almost made it onto the Flowering EP, but the band thought it "still sounded shit" and it was dropped. May still be considered for a future recording, but will have to substantially reworked.

Pacemaker - Quite pacy, but, according to Bill, this was "fucking dreadful".

Sore - Went through a variety of incarnations between 1999 and 2002 (from slow acoustic to fast and "dirty-sounding") before fading out of the band's set altogether in Spring 2002. Pete quite likes this one however, so there's a chance it might make a comeback.

Whore - Like a bad REM ballad, it sounded "like it should have been sung by a prostitute". Nuff said.


There are a substantial number of Depoprovera songs that have yet to be rehearsed, but have been roughly recorded. Titles include...

7/4 song (piano based)

Army #1 (apparently too complicated to be performed properly for the foreseeable future)

Black Book (contains the lyric "House whores for winners" which was taken from the novel "Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas")


No Reconcile ("Good, really slow")