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Rising form the ashes of Colchester's very own "Dialectic", Depoprovera as we know and love them today played their first gig as depo in June 2002 at the UEA LCR. They are....

Bill Vine - Vocals & rhythm guitar.
Pete Harmon - Lead guitar
Rich Jones - Bass guitar
Andy Phillips - Drums

Bill and Pete formed the band at Colchester Grammar School around 1997 with Steve Wood and Sam Parker. Bill was then on drums, with Steve on vocals and guitar, Pete on lead guitar and Sam on bass. Bill later moved onto guitar and lead vocals and friend Tim Austin took over on drums. He was later replaced by "a drug dealer called Lawrence" who unaccountably disappeared for two months after an eclipse. In a bizarre turn of coincidence all four founding members moved to Norwich; Bill, Pete and Sam to start at the University of East Anglia and Steve took a course at Norwich Art School. Steve moved down to guitar and eventually left the band altogether

The remaining band met up with SYS student Andy Phillips through a mutual friend. He took over the long-vacant drumming position in 2001. They all graduated in 2002, Bill in English Literature, Pete in History of Art, Sam in History and Andy in Computer Science. At this point Sam left to pursue a career in journalism and the band experimented with a number of possible replacements on bass before settling on fellow UEA student Rich Jones.

So far they have played in a plethora of Norwich venues, including ELK Promotions gigs at the Ferryboat, UEA CMS gigs at the UEA LCR, and a number of independent gigs (see Discography). In addition they played the open-air Colchester Free Festival in August 2002, with the ever-lovely Ness Jones playing bass on "Matter".

In August 2003, Andy announced he was leaving the band to concentrate on his career. UEA student and fan of the band Kevin Jones is currently in line to replace him.